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Walk to Control Diabetes

What can you do to reduce your weight and increase your health if you already have Type 2 Diabetes? You can walk it off.

Walking is an excellent way for people with diabetes to get a cardiovascular workout no matter what shape you are in. When you walk, you will not only improve blood circulation throughout your body, but you will also burn those fat-producing calories. As you know, less fat is healthier for your heart and metabolism and will help you maintain control of your Diabetes. Always check your fat or claries through omron pocket pedometer and body fat analyzer

Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition and if not diagnosed early and managed effectively, it can lead to complications including heart disease, stroke, blindness and amputation.

Plus, you can walk anywhere! If it’s raining, head to a mall or a gym. If you’re taking a lunch break from work, walk by wearing diabetics shoes around your office campus or lace up your sneakers and walk to lunch rather than drive. Walking is a natural behavior that will not stress your body unless you want it to in order to burn more calories.

Here are some tips and facts about walking that will get you motivated and moving: Get some diabetic shoes and Get Walking!

100 calories per mile

On average, you will burn about 100 calories for every mile you walk, Diabetic Men’s & Women’s Athletic Shoes and seamless diabetic socks no matter what your pace. Keep in mind that if you walk quickly, you will burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, whereas if you walk slowly, it will take longer to burn the calories, but it will also take longer to complete a mile. Always use to check blood glucose through blood glucose monitors.

3500 calories per pound of fat

Yup – each pound of fat has about 3500 calories in. For a visual motivator, put four sticks of butter in a plastic Ziploc bag and let them melt to room temperature through Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor. That’s about what a pound of fat looks like. Now imagine that fat distributed throughout your organs, muscles, and flesh. Pretty gross, huh? That’ll get you moving!

Head for the hills

Walking up an incline can turn your aerobic walking into anaerobic exercise pretty quickly. Keep in mind that aerobic exercise and diabetic diet foods burns fat while anaerobic exercise burns calories. Combining both exercises into one workout will boost your metabolism while also giving your body the kick it needs to burn calories and build muscle throughout the day.

30 Minutes a day

You can see real results with just 30 minutes walk by wearing diabetes shoes in a day. But be patient. In those thirty minutes, you can burn about 200 calories, if you walk at a pace of 15 minutes a mile. 200 calories is roughly the amount of calories in that banana and glass of orange juice you had for breakfast! Or that sugar free cookies you snuck in at lunch. Exercise and walking have also been shown to reduce the risks of developing Type II diabetes. Whether you have diabetes or not, it is never too soon or too late to begin a walking or exercise program.

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Diabetes risk in family spurs ventures for couple

Husband and wife Ed and Ann-Marie Stephens founded their first website,, after compiling information for family members who were diabetic.
“Our families are stricken with Type 2 diabetes,” Ed Stephens said. “All of my three older siblings have it, and Ann-Marie has family members with it.”

Both Ed and Ann-Marie Stephens are chemical engineers with backgrounds in product development for large national companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Frito-Lay and Avon. They decided to create a website that would contain dietary and nutritional information in addition to products for diabetics, everything from shoes and cookware to meters and portion-controlled dinnerware.

“We wanted a one-stop shop for people who have diabetes,” said Ann-Marie Stephens, who is a former senior vice president at Circuit City Stores Inc. “We wanted it to be a lifestyle site. People are always looking for a place that will help them figure it all out.”

The couple founded Henrico County-based Blue Horizon Development in 2004 and spent three years conducting research before launching the e-commerce site in 2007.

“We have been executing a phased rollout of our concept,” Ann-Marie Stephens said. “Phase one was the information and education center of the site. Phase two was the e-commerce portion, which started in 2008.”

They had considered opening a bricks-and-mortar location but decided to go the Internet route instead. “On the Web, we didn’t have the overhead,” she said.

In 2010, the couple also launched, a site for the sale of their porcelain dinnerware system for weight management. They saw portion-controlled dinnerware as a strategic area for their company.

“At our hearts, we are innovators,” Ann-Marie Stephens said.

In addition to portion-controlled dinnerware, includes healthy recipes and charts containing nutritional information regarding vegetables, meats and starches.

The stylish design the couple used for their plates, bowls and glasses is easy to understand because of its subtle visual cues for portioning. The weight management system is dietitian designed to ensure it meets dietary guidelines from the American Dietetic Association.

Dietician and nutritional consultant Bernadine Scott of Detroit said she enjoys consulting with the couple on

“They are excellent to work with,” she said. “They are receptive to ideas because they want accurate information.”
She finds that people often have challenges with portioning when they are trying to lose weight or stay on a healthy diet.

“Most people want a simple tool to work with,” Scott said. “Before (, portion-control plates have always been plastic ware. These look elegant. I like the idea that a person could use them every day.”

In 2010, experienced top-line revenue growth and was able to double its profits of 2009. “ sales are going well too,” Ann-Marie Stephens said.

Most of the company’s sales for both sites are concentrated in the United States, but also is selling in Canada. Dinnerware for the site is manufactured in Ohio.

The Stephenses are looking at a few strategic partnerships for their portion-controlled dinnerware line. “We are in talks with a large corporation that is interested in providing this product to its employees,” Ed Stephens said. “We would like to connect with high-profile health and wellness gurus, as well.”

Brian Leach, president and CEO of Richmond-based Unboxed Technologies, began using PrecisePortions dinnerware with his family after Leach consulted with the Stephenses.
“It’s interesting to see how the lines (on the plates) influence your portion control habits,” he said. “It has been educating our children on portion size.”

He finds the Stephenses to be very focused on the consumer.

“They are very passionate about trying to get it right and making a difference,” he said.

Keeping your blood glucose under control

Diabetes test stripsHow To Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Under Control? Keeping your blood sugar under control can prevent many of the devastating effects of diabetes including blindness, limb amputation, and kidney failure. In this article we shall dwell upon each key factor that is required to keep your blood glucose under control factors such as using blood glucose test strips, blood glucose monitors, glucose supplements etc, but shall obviously avoid giving specific recommendation – only your doctor can do that for you.

Diabetic diet foods and drink: Eating regular small diabetic diet meals throughout the day will avoid major fluctuations in your blood glucose levels. For Type 2 diabetics, attention to food, adequate daily exercise and once-a-week monitoring of blood glucose levels through blood glucose monitors is usually more than adequate. If you need to take glucose tablets or insulin, you might need to alter your eating pattern to suit the timing of your dosage. Your doctor would have more advice on this.

Physical activity: Physical activity controls your body’s sensitivity to insulin and is therefore the key to keeping your blood glucose levels under control. If you are taking glucose tablets or insulin injections, please consult your doctor about the timing of your daily exercise because physical activity will reduce the blood glucose levels in a short time.

Diabetes test strips

Diabetes supplements & Medication: You may need to take tablets or insulin injections to control your blood glucose levels. Insulin injections take effect within 5 minutes and its effect wears off after 4 hours. Some modern (and more expensive) insulin syringes /delivery systems work for 24 hours or more. Please talk to your doctor about how you can alter the dosage based on your daily blood glucose monitoring.

Hypoglycaemia (commonly called ‘Hypo’): If you are taking insulin injections of insulin stimulating tablets, Hypoglycaemia can occur if your blood glucose levels fall below 4 millimoles per liter.

Symptoms of Hypoglycaemia: Feeling weak or ‘shaky’, sweaty, hungry, pins and needles in your lips, and slurred speech.

Hypoglycaemia occurs when:

  • You take a high or wrong dosage.
  • Hyper activity (too much exercise can be counterproductive for a diabetic)
  • Missing or delayed diabetic meals
  • Too much alcohol and less or no food
  • Taking insulin stimulating drugs in combination with other prescription
  • Weakened kidneys

If you feel you have a Hypoglycaemia coming on, you should immediately eat or drink something. Diabetics should always keep a sugar free candies or chocolate or packet of sugar with them. Also, always inform your friends that you are a diabetic and how they can diagnose and assist if you go ‘Hypo’ because if Hypoglycaemia is not treated instantly, you will lose consciousness.

Hyperglycaemia (commonly called ‘Hyper): Hyperglycaemia is just the opposite of Hypoglycaemia and occurs when your blood glucose level rises above 7 millimoles per liter. The symptoms of Hyperglycaemia appear when you cross 10 millimoles per liter.

Symptoms of Hyperglycaemia: Passing large amounts of urine frequently, intense thirst, fatigue and infections such as thrush and cystitis.

diabetes nutritional supplements

Hyperglycaemia occurs when:

  • You are not taking enough medication to lower your blood glucose
  • Skipping on your exercise (If you need to skip your exercise, you need to increase your tablets/insulin dosage – speak to your doctor).
  • Over eating or eating wrong kind of foods i.e. high calorie food.
  • You are suffering from some other illness.

If you feel you have a Hyperglycaemia coming on, you should immediately take your medication. Diabetics should always keep a dose of diabetes nutritional supplements or insulin syringes and needles with them at all times because Hyperglycaemia can lead to coma.

Make an appointment with your physician and always prefer to use diabetic strips. You will need to work with them to keep your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol under control. They can also recommend an education class where you can learn nutrition tips and other diabetes matters.

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Natural Sweeteners and Artificial Sweeteners!

Diabetics use several types of sweeteners as sugar alternatives. These sweeteners are sometimes natural, such as Stevia and fruit juice. Other sweeteners are man-made, such as Aspartame (as-per-teym) and Splenda. Different sweeteners are often used in different ways. For example, Aspartame is frequently used in diet beverages whereas Splenda is most often used in prepared foods and by the teaspoon. Always use natural as well as artificial sweeteners depends on the condition while preparing snacks and recipes, Snacks of diabetes are a great way to keep your energy levels high throughout the day

Natural Sweeteners

On the whole, natural sweeteners are safer and healthier for the body. Stevia and fruit juices give the body nutrients and minerals and may even help to regulate the blood sugar level. Stevia is calorie-free, so it will not cause weight gain or lead to complications of weight gain. Also, Stevia will not cause a fast rise in blood sugar. Use only natural sweeteners while preparing Recipes for diabetics person for maintaining blood sugar level.

The Coca Cola Company has introduced the “Truvia®” brand. PepsoCo will introduce their execution of a Stevia natural sweetener. Look for them.

Fruit juice, however, does tend to contain a large amount of calories and does raise the blood sugar level when taken. Therefore, it is not recommended that Diabetics consume large amounts of fruit juice. Diabetics should take Sugar Free Cakes and sugarfree chocolatefor maintaining proper blood glucose level in their blood.

Natural sweeteners tend to be more expensive and harder to come by than artificial sweeteners. Furthermore, when in liquid form, natural sweeteners have a shorter shelf life. As a result, most processed foods and commercial outlets prefer to use and sell artificial sweeteners.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweetener brands such as, Splenda ®, Equal ®, Sweet’N Low ®, and Sunetta ® are widely used to help control weight. They are not converted to energy by the body to give calories. This means that they have no energy units that can be stored by the body as fat.

However, they do mimic the effects of sugar on the body. As such, when a person consumes an artificial sweetener, the body will not think that it has consumed sugar because the sucrose portion has been changed. The pancreas will not release insulin to deal with this ‘ghost’ sugar. Consequently, blood sugar levels will be unaffected. However, sugar alcohols are different.

Side Effects
The subject of side effects is quite controversial depending who supporters and opponents are. Opponents believe there are serious side effects that are associated with many artificial sweeteners. The majority of these side effects are associated with Aspartame (Equal ®). One should suffering from diabetes should take Diabetes Insulin Pump. One key issue with Aspartame (Equal ®) is it is not heat stable. Therefore it is broken down into components like ammonia by the body and at elevated temperatures during cooking and baking. Aspartame is partially broken down by the body’s digestive process. The by-product phenylanaline is dangerous to people with a specific disease. Aspartame accounts for about 70% of the sweetener market. There is little value in printing supposed medical problems due to the use of Aspartame. Scientific data does not yet prove the side effects of this artificial sweetener.

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Diabetic Products Information

Diabetic lifestyle management is considered very necessary for maintaining a healthy diabetic life. It keeps your blood sugar level within your target range to help you live a long and healthy life with diabetes. With the proliferation of low sugar foods in the market, it has become easy to control your diabetes when you choose these low sugar items.  When you are looking for food gift for diabetics among your friends and family, you should always consider those with low-carbohydrates cooking ingredients. You can present gift baskets for diabetics filled with goodies to your diabetic friends that are not harmful for their restricted diet.

You can always include sugar-free chocolate cookies, chocolate chips and brownies, cake bites and chocolate candies in your sugar free gift baskets. You can also add organic tea like green tea, vegetable soups and sugar free pound cake in your diabetic gift baskets. These low sugar foods help in lessening blood sugar levels to a greater extent.

You need to adopt a special diet to prevent diabetes once you are diagnosed as high risk or with this pre-diabetes. In addition, exercising plays an important role in dealing with the diabetes. It helps you to reduce blood sugar levels, maintain your proper weight and aids in blood circulation. Regular checkup by your physician is also very important as it gives you complete information whether you have risk factors for diabetes or if you are pre-diabetic.

Diabetes and foot pain are closely related, as foot pain is a common diabetic symptom.  Foot pain can also be considered as a warning sign of diabetes.  If you are suffering from diabetes, then preventing the ulceration of the feet due to excessive rubbing of the shoes becomes your primary concern.  It is very important that people who suffer from diabetes should wear a certain type of shoe known as diabetic shoes for proper foot care. For example, diabetic shoes for men are designed in such a way so as to help the patient get an elevated level of comfort in their feet and help blood flow in their feet.

These are some of the best tips for maintaining a proper lifestyle for a healthy diabetic life. It is also suggested that you visit a good physician on a regular basis for a proper check up to monitor your blood sugar level. You can easily manage a balanced diabetic lifestyle with where you can have complete information on how to control blood sugar, learn about personalizing a diet to prevent diabetes, lower your body fat, reduce your diabetes medications and reverse diabetes complications. This way you can improve your health and live a better and healthier life.

You should consume diabetes specific food available in the market that can help you in reducing the impact of diabetes by helping to regulate your blood sugar.  You are also advised to have a carbohydrates free diet to prevent diabetes in the future.  A healthy eating plan, exercise and medication on the regular basis can help a diabetic person live a healthy, happy and fit lifestyle.

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Type 2 Diabetes – Making the Most of the Lazy Days of Summer

Summer is in full-swing, which means that the lazy days of summer are officially upon us! Whether you’re summer plans involve relaxing by the pool with a good book and cold beverage, snacks of diabetes, getting some sunshine at the beach, or driving the kids from one summertime event to another, here are some tips to help you make the most of these lazy days while staying healthy and energetic!

Get in the Water:
The summer is filled with activities that are centered around water. From water sports like sailing to simply jumping into the crystal clear pool waters you’ve been dying to test out, it’s time to take advantage of water rather than sunbathe near it!

Swimming and water aerobics provide some of the best outlets for toning your entire body using water for resistance (rather than those clunky weights at the gym). Or spend some time in the water with your kids next time they jump in the pool…you’ll be surprised by how toned your arms can get from tossing them into back flips!

Walk that Beach: Just about everyone takes a few days to get down to the beach each summer. Next time you’re at the beach, don’t just watch the sand crabs; get out and enjoy the sand yourself! Walking or running with diabetic footwear in sand not only helps to tone your leg muscles (the softer the sand, the harder it is to walk and the more calories you’ll burn), but it will ensure that you get at least a little bit of cardio in between bouts of wave watching and book reading. Be sure to apply sunscreen before you head out for a walk; just 30 minutes in the bright summer sun is enough to burn your skin and scalp.

Don’t Just Wait in the Car

If you’re like many parents and you think that the summer has come down to a series of waiting periods while your children complete their summer activities, you’re not alone. But next time your child has a soccer practice, dance lesson, or art class, don’t just wait in the car; get out and exercise!

Dress for the occasion in workout clothes, or simply keep some sneakers in the car if you don’t have time for a full-on workout. While your child practices soccer, walk or jog around the field. If your child is taking a dance lesson, take time for yourself to run around the neighborhood where the dance studio is.

With the high prices of gas these days, it’s more cost effective to stay in the vicinity of the lesson rather than going home and coming back after your child’s activity anyway. You’ll usually have about an hour to yourself to get active and keep your weight down, or pull in other parents to work out together while you wait.

Always Have a Snack On-Hand Like Sugarfree Desserts

Almond Snack It’s easy to gain weight in the summer with the level of physical activity decreasing in the hot sun while the number of ice cream stands generally goes through the roof. In order to put cravings at bay, make sure to always have a healthy snack on hand for you and your family. Almonds and dried fruit are excellent, healthy choices and they last in even the hottest of cars.

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Yoga Helps Reduce Diabetes Complications

Yoga has been widely studied as a means to help reduce (and sometimes eliminate) many diabetes complications. Some of these side effects include reduced blood flow, kidney failure, urinary failure, and blindness. Many researchers believe that practicing yoga and daily aid product regularly can help to stimulate blood circulation and massage internal organs, which can provide long-lasting physical benefits to individuals suffering from diabetes.

Additionally, exercise (including yoga) can have long-term benefits for diabetics. Physical exercise has been proven to reduce stress, decrease body fat, stimulate organ functions and blood circulation, and decrease blood sugar levels.

Yoga and other forms of exercise have been shown to have a positive impact on every type of diabetes, including Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

3 Yoga Postures

Yoga is an ancient practice of bending, stretching, and challenging the body to hold certain postures for a prolonged period of time. There are several different types of yoga, including Bikram (hot yoga), Hatha yoga (body balancing), and Ashtanga (rigorous) yoga. Each type of yoga provides different benefits and postures. However, all yoga styles are similar in that they massage the organs, develop muscles, and increase blood flow and oxygen levels throughout the body.

Yoga has clear physical and mental benefits for Diabetics. Some yogis (yoga teachers) even believe that practicing yoga regularly can reverse many Diabetic symptoms, including increased hunger, weight gain, poor circulation, and stress.

There are some easy-to-practice yoga postures that are especially beneficial to Diabetics. These postures massage the pancreas and glands, which help to regulate blood sugar levels. They also help to stretch the abdomen and spine. If you have just a few minutes a day to dedicate to yoga practice, check out these postures:

Yoga Pose Half Moon

• Half-moon – stand with your feet touching at the heels and toes. Reach your arms over your head sideways and link fingers. Extend the index finger of each hand, as if pointing to the ceiling. Slowly bend towards one side of the room from your belly button to the tips of your fingers. As you deepen the bend, push your hips in the opposite direction of the bend. Be sure to keep your arms and legs straight while pushing your fingers and heels in opposite directions.

• Cobra – lay on the floor, belly-down. Place the palms of your hands flat on the floorYoga Pose Cobra underneath your shoulders. Make sure your arms are parallel from the shoulder to the elbow and elbow to the wrists. Look to the ceiling, stretching your eyes and head upward. Slowly lift your torso off of the ground so that it meets the ground at your belly button. Remember to breathe deeply in this pose to strengthen and lengthen the spine and torso.

Yoga Pose Bow

• Bow – with your belly on the floor and eyes stretched towards the ceiling, reach both arms out to your sides. Bend your legs at the knees towards the ceiling and reach down to grab your heals from the outside of your legs. Push your legs towards the ceiling, lifting your torso as well. Rock towards your chest as much as possible. Try to hold this pose as long as you can.

One of the many benefits of yoga is weight loss as you develop your muscle mass and burn fat. recommends using an body fat scale to track you fat-burning progress.

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