Healthy Eating diets to Prevent and Control Diabetes

Vegetarian Diabetic DietDiets for diabetics aims to maintain the ideal body weight by providing adequate nutrition to the body so that the blood glucose levels remain normal. Diets for diabetics alone may not be able to control diabetes; regular exercise is also necessary and should form part of the daily routine. In some cases, in addition to diets for diabetics, the patient might need medication to control the blood glucose levels. While devising diets for diabetics plan, the dietician will take into account various factors such as the height, weight, sex, the nature of the diabetes and the level of physical activity of the patient. While planning diets for diabetics, other health complications like heart disease or high cholesterol levels or hypertension if present will (and should) be taken into account.

Healthy Diets for diabetics play a significant role in managing and controlling the disease. Dealing with diabetes can be difficult, especially if the diet plan is unappetizing. But in the case of diabetics, it is critical to maintain the diet if you wish to manage the condition.

Gift baskets for diabeticsConsidering all the above factors, the dietician will formulate diets for diabetics in a planned manner which might involve limiting the amount of proteins, deciding on the type of carbohydrates to be taken, the amount of fiber that should ideally be taken by the patient and so on. Each person responds differently so there is no common diets for diabetics plan that works for everyone. Again, any diets for diabetics planned once may not work well over a long period of time. There may be changes in the health condition or the blood sugar may have normalized over a period of time. Accordingly, the diets for diabetics must be modified in accordance with the changes.

However, when I devise diets for diabetics plan, I advise all my patients to follow certain rules. Instead of taking three heavy meals each day, they should have four or five small meals at regular intervals. Although the diets for diabetes includes vegetables and fresh fruit, I ask them to increase the portion of vegetables and fruit to half the plate and divide the other half between proteins and complex carbohydrates.

In my experience, even if the patient sticks to the diets for diabetics and exercises regularly, it won’t show any results if the meal timings are not maintained. Many people have the habit of skipping breakfast. If you are following a diets for diabetics, don’t skip breakfast and make sure that you have your meals at regular intervals.

So, the key to the success of diets for diabetics is to eat in moderation, include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet, adhere to mealtimes and follow up the diet plan with regular exercise.

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